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Finding New Pathways for Education and Workplace Success

MAY 12-14



Middle East & Africa
Association of Test Publishers

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Call For Presentations

This year will be a rolling deadline for presentation submissions with a closing date of April 30th 





The Conference


The Conversation

Assessment and Education Today


Over the past two years, we’ve experienced a global public health crisis that has disrupted how we live and accelerated change across all industries. Testing is no exception. How we work, learn, and assess today are all different than two years ago, and the current debate is often a discussion of what is the new normal? Our industry has a unique opportunity to shape the evolution of learning, educating, and training through assessment. We have the ability to ensure that future essential workers are qualified, by helping young people become better educated, by ensuring testing is equitable and accessible for all test-takers. We have the opportunity to use assessments to building new pathways for education and workplace success.

Furthering the Conversation

MEA & Education

• Embracing MEA as the launch pad of new trending or disruptive technologies in Assessment and Education. Emerging and novel technologies, or new uses for existing technologies, that have practical applications for the industry, including innovative approaches and technologies such as artificial intelligence and remote proctoring.  
• Educational technology for Early Years and Special Education and to improve student engagement, such as gamification and VR
• Raising the status and highlighting the importance of vocational education. Vocational education for a digital world is likely to lead to credentialing and increased market value for workers.
• Measuring the hard-to-measure qualities of creativity, leadership, and emotional intelligence. Using assessment and technology to measure aspects of students' abilities other than academic achievement (creative, artistic, SEL)
• Using technology and assessment in the realm of children and individuals with Learning Challenges including methods and practices for ensuring fairness, accessibility, and accommodations for diverse stakeholders.
• Data Management, stewardship, and reporting inclusive of all aspects of collecting, transmitting, processing, storing, analyzing, reporting, and securing data.
• Internationalisation of assessment and education in MEA. Does private education mean international education? Government policy targeted towards transforming education.
• The digitization of credentials (badging, micro credentialing).

The Themes

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Leading The Conversation 

Leading voices 

Leading Organizations that use assessments or are thinking about using assessments, to measure achievement, competency or performance would find value in this conference. The assessment industry has expanded and continues to grow beyond the typical testing professions of the past.


Public Sector, such as:
  • Policy Makers

  • Regulators

  • Government Departments

Content Developers, Test Developers, Assessment Professionals

Education Professionals, such as:
  • Curriculum Governing Bodies

  • Awarding Bodies

  • Vocational Training Organisations

  • K-12 Education Providers

  • Higher Education Providers

  • Public and Private Universities

  • Entrance/Admission Experts

  • Distance Learning Professionals

  • Certification Manager

  • Examination Officers

Businesses, such as:
  • HR Professionals, CPD Managers

  • Recruitment Agencies

  • Professional Bodies

  • Assessment Service Providers, Vendors and Credentialing companies

  • Business Psychologist

  • Remote Proctoring

  • Individualization Organizations

  • Investors

  • Gig Organizations

The Attendes


The Venue

Rotana Hotel
Amman, Jordan

An iconic hotel in the bustling heart of the city, the award-winning Amman Rotana towers above the city’s skyline and includes 412 lavish rooms and suites spread across 50 floors. The hotel is also home to nine state-of-the-art meeting rooms, making it a favorite business destination. The hotel elevates the dining experience with six food and beverage outlets offering impeccable service and exceptional standards of hospitality






Call For Presentations

This year will be a rolling deadline for presentation submissions with a closing date of April 30th 

Keynotes, Product presentations, Panel discussions workshops and presentations

Download and review the Call for Presentations. Then send a 350 word abstract, a list of presenters and a statement of relevance to the theme to: mea-atp@connecme.com

"(the conference) has been
fantastic we've been really
excited to be here (2019) was
the first conference and the
number of presenters and
attendees far exceeded our
expectations‐it's been really


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